About Us

Founded on personal dedication and determination, over the last 15 years Machine-Star has grown from a simple idea into a successful business within the city of Grand Rapids, MI. The process was never dreamt up on a sheet of paper, but rather through personal connections and the apparent need for its production work within the industry.

In January of 2016, Machine-Star moved to it's new location inside a 65,000 sq./ft. facility. The move increased the production area to 15,000 sq./ft., open access to the loading dock bays and approximately 5,000 sq./ft. of office space that includes a showroom and conference room.  


Machine Star employs a talented team of experts in all areas of plastics machining and fabrication. We solve problems from design work all the way to project fulfillment. The foundation of personal connection within the business gives our customers the confidence that their products are being made by people who care about their business.

The company was founded by Brant Hendler, a renowned cyclist from the University of Colorado, who first began manufacturing plastic bicycle components with his degree in manufacturing and engineering. This kind of component manufacturing was Brant’s entry into the world of manufacturing. The need for his products provided him the ability to start his own business, which soon grew into what Machine-Star is today.

This start gave Machine Star its Mission Statement:

“We can’t win a race by following everyone else around the track. We can’t set standards by building what’s already been built. Our goal is to create products that set our clients apart from their competition. In doing that, we create products that set us apart from ours.”


Just want to say a HUGE, THANK YOU! You have been an absolute pleasure to work with. You and your team were extremely professional and talented. I truly look forward to working with you all in the future. The Eau Mega Launch was a complete visual success. Your bottles really completed the concept: The fragrance larger then life! Our senior management was very pleased with the execution.
— Angelica DelPriore, Assistant Vice President – Creative