Invention of the Award-winning X-Display - Case Study

Display for Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

Display for Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

At Machine Star, we're constantly thinking of how to make today's work pay off tomorrow. And next month. And next year.


Create 1,500 product glorifiers with a 5"x7" curved graphic-card holder.


$8 each. 


Normally this would be an easy display to produce, however the curved back made it a little more difficult. 


Machine Star worked hard to design and prototype an injection-molded back graphic-card holder that would hold a 5"x7" graphic on a 4" diameter curve. It sounds simple, but due to budget, the holder had to be one piece. Otherwise, it would have been easy to make two halves that glued together.

We designed an innovative way to hold the card and make the mold open and shut with no sliders, even though the clips created undercuts in the part. As a final measure, we laminated the graphic on both sides to ensure any perfume overspray did not soak into the graphic card and fade or wrinkle it. 

This back graphic-card holder can now be customized by switching out graphics and creating custom bases that hold your product or reinforce your brand. 

The customer behind the X-Display has used this same display on several different projects with great success and also seen a significant savings in cost every time they use it.